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Working With Us

Our Training Commitment

We are dedicated to the development of our employee's skills, because of this we put a great deal of effort in ensuring our staff receive all the necessary training to competently complete the job to top quality standards and advance their skill set and abilities. Erickson Fencing Ltd employees actively engage with a large number of related industry training organisations that provide training, skill development seminars & access to the latest industry training publications & expert consultants.

We have a stable commitment to training New Zealanders that meets New Zealand training benchmarks.

This includes:

- Recruitment & Training Policy

- Liaising with 3rd Party Training providers such as Hazardco, St John's and Active Endorsements

- We hold Industry Training memberships such as HRINZ

Positions We Offer

We typically offer the following role's and aim to help local Kiwi's develop their skill's/abilities within the industry. 

- General Labourer

- Shelter and Orchard Structure Technician

- Artificial Wind Break Technician

Get in touch if you would like to know more about working with us. 

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