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Because It Matters

Erickson Fencing Ltd are committed to training our staff & ensuring a strong health & safety culture.

Over the past 5 years we have developed and implemented a range of training systems, procedures and documentation to ensure we achieve this. We have a large focus on Health & safety as we operate a factory, heavy machinery and equipment on various sites, encompassing a multitude of hazards. 

 Our training systems include:

1. Inducting employees prior to the commencement of work., which encompasses explaining our Health & Safety Policy & Procedures, including their responsibility as per the worker duties and workplace rules that are outlined in the Policy Document.

2. Worker Engagement and Participation is encouraged by using methods such as daily Health & Safety Toolbox meetings. 

3. A Training Register is used to establish competencies with regards to Tasks and Equipment. This is accomplished with Management and the Worker in agreement signing off;

A : Using the Hazardco App, Task cards, Hazard Register covering Manual Lifting, Slips/Falls, Working at Heights and all other applicable tasks.

B : Safe Operating Procedures (SOPS) for Machinery and Equipment and where possible referring to the original Operating Manual.

4.  We use external organisations for some training. This covers First Aid Courses, Forklift Licenses and any other training that may be applicable. 

5. Risk Management and Hazard Identification is the responsibility of all staff and must be adhered to. This is achieved with orchards supplying Orchard Maps noting all hazards.

6. Risk assessments are completed prior to work tasks being undertaken to reduce the risk of serious harm.  This involves scoping the job, assessing and identifying any risk or hazard's in order to eliminate or minimize them. It's then discussed with the entire team on site as part of the Health & Safety Toolbox meeting, whereby all team members are actively engaged.

7. Mechanical checklists ensuring the safety of Plant and Equipment.

8. Ongoing 'on the job' training is provided to all staff across their various job duties and responsibilities to ensure workers are competent to undertake tasks safely. 


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