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Erickson Fencing Ltd (EFL) (NZBN: 9429035738602) was established in 2003 and operates from a 300sqm manufacturing factory. We are a family owned business who have been working in the Bay Of Plenty and wider North Island of New Zealand for generations. Glenn Erickson, the owner, spent years dedicated to fencing, shelters and orchard developments. He carried on the business from his father Jim Erickson, whom devoted much of his life to fencing and development, particularly in the kiwifruit industry. EFL is one of the leading providers of artificial windbreak technology. Our artificial windbreaks typically bring with them significant benefits to local horticulture and indirectly benefit local communities and industries. 

EFL provides a wide range of artificial windbreaks and are focused on delivering the best orchard construction solutions for horticultural growers. Windbreaks play a significant factor in the growers ability to avoid damage to crops caused by strong wind, which can cause plants to dry out, wind burn and physical damage. Orchards planted without protection gradually become weakened by successive winds, produce scarred and inferior fruit, and very soon become marginal groves. Protected orchards on average produce more fruit per hectare than orchards which are exposed. Along coastal districts such as the Bay of Plenty, anywhere from 10 to 15 miles inland, cold winds also do a lot of damage. These chilling winds continually agitate the vines as well as prevent normal growth. By preventing wind damage and helping maintain suitable climates, you can amplify your orchards potential.

For many years we have been creating high performing and reliable orchard structure developments and artificial shelters, specializing in the Kiwifruit Industry. Our expertise in providing quality tensioned membrane systems for horticulturist have been used to protect Kiwifruit, Apples, Cherry's, Avocados and Blueberry farms operating in the domestic and export markets. The Artificial wind break systems span anywhere from 2 to 8m in height and 10 - 500 metres long, fully tensioned, and utilize textiles with a ten year UV warranty.  Continuous innovation is something we are dedicated to, whether it's machine research & development or sourcing quality materials, we can ensure the jobs always completed efficiently to top quality standards. 

Clients include large horticulturalists and medium to large orchards, from Te Puke through to Hawkes Bay, Katikati, East Coast, Tauranga and as far north as Pukekohe. Major clients include significant New Zealand exporters such as SEEKA, Trevelyan's and Eastpack.

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